Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does the site work?
  2. You browse the site or use our search engine to find your desired products. You then add them to your shopping bag and click on place order. You let us know your address, select a delivery time – and voila, you are done.  A OT(Office Tukitaki) representative then delivers your order right to your home or office.


  1. How much do deliveries cost?
  2. We offer free deliveries all over Dhaka city on orders of Tk. 1000 or more. If the order value is less than Tk. 1000, we charge a Tk. 100 delivery fee.


  1. How can I contact you?
  2. You can always call 01XXXXXX or mail us at officetukitaki@gmail.com


  1. How long do the deliveries take?
  2. We deliver within 24 hours of order placement. You can also specify a convenient time and we will send the products during that time.


  1. What are your delivery hours?
  2. We deliver from 9 am to 6 pm every day.


  1. How do I know when my order is here?
  2. A OT representative will call you as soon as they are at your office to let you know about your delivery.


  1. How do I pay?
  2. We accept cash on delivery, Cash cheque or BKASH.


  1. Do you serve my area?
  2. We are currently serving all of Dhaka city, except certain parts of Old town.


  1. I can’t find the product I am looking for. What do I do?
  2. You can call XXXXX to tell a OT representative to source it for you or mail us at officetukitaki@gmail.comto add this item to the inventory.


  1. My order is wrong. What do I do?
  2. Immediately call 01XXXXXXXX and let us know the problem.


  1. What if the item is out of stock?
  2. We hold our own inventory, so we rarely run of out stock. However, we will try our best to source what you need. If we cannot find it, we will call you and let you know what substitutes are available.




  1. What about the prices?
  2. Our prices are our own but we try our best offer to you at or below market prices. Our prices are the same as the local market and we are working hard to get them even lower! If you feel that any product is priced unfairly, please let us know.


  1. How do you deliver?
  2. Depends. By foot. By rickshaw. By car. By truck. Our goal is to get all your products to you on time.


  1. What is your policy on refunds?
  2. You may get a refund within seven (7) days on unopened or spoilt packaged products. Please contact us at 0XXXXX if you want to return an item.


  1. Can I order over the phone?
  2. Absolutely. Our hotline is 01XXXXXXXXX


  1. What about quality?
  2. We try our best to source the best quality items for you but if you are dissatisfied, you can always send them back with the delivery person. If you forget to do that, you can call us within 3 days and we will replace the item for free.


  1. How are you sourcing your products?
  2. We have deals with importers. We are also building relationships with some manufacturers so that we can source our goods directly.


  1. Should I tip the delivery representative?
  2. Tips are not required. But our delivery team members appreciate recognition for their hard work. Delivery representatives keep the entire tip amount.